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Passiontails is a business with low entry costs, great returns and exclusive territories.
Get in on the ground floor! Passiontails is the first Australian Party Hire Franchise!
A Passiontails business opportunity is not "employment" or "subcontract" work. When you become a franchisee, you set your own prices, collect all monies and keep your own client base and goodwill. You are not "buying a job" like some franchise systems. You are your own boss.

Some of our franchises choose to work a franchise part-time. Others have to pick up kids from school. With Passiontails your time is as flexible as you need. No more nine to five grind watching the clock. No more working harder for the boss but getting the same pay. With a Passiontails business opportunity the harder you work the more money you make.

Passiontails  high quality equipment and products  including the  world  leading  PartyTouch Music System and PartySanp Photo Booth.

Passiontails source the highest quality products to be used with all its party hire packages. Passiontails have a range of products that are exclusively manufactured making us stands out from  our competitors.

Passiontails is a business based  on delivering future technology with state of the art interactive website, backend business management systems and adavance marketing tools. The Passiontails Franchise system makes it easy for you to have total control of your business allowing you to grow your business with your own special touch.

Available Franchise Locations
New South Wales:
  • Newcastle - New Location with Equipment Assistance
  • Sydney West - New Location with Equipment Assistance
  • Sydney East - New Location with Equipment Assistance
  • Canberra- New Location with Equipment Assistance
  • Melbourne West - Establish Operating Franchise
  • Melbourne East - Establish Operating Franchise
  • Brisbane - Establish Operating Available to Purchase
  • Gold Coast - New Location with Equipment Assistance
Western Australia:
  • Perth - Establish Operating Franchise
South Australia:
  • Adelaide - Establish Operating Franchise
Interest free equipment funding is available on selected new franchise locations.
Up to 50% on core hire equipment funding repayable over a fixed term period.
Franchisor will hold a interest in the equipment with the Personal Property Securities Register until funding has been repaid.