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Children's Slush Mix Flavours

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ballon slide
Blue Lemon
Blue Lemon
A refreshing favourite for kids, with its distinct lemon flavour and blue colour that will put a smile on every child's face.
Childhood memories of cooling off on many hot afternoons with this cold fruit treat.
If there ever was a classic non alcoholic beverage, this would be the choice of many. Cola needs no introduction the name says it all.
Give the kids a treat with this enjoyable flavour. Great for summer to cool down with
bubble_gum Raspberry
Bubble Gum
This will have the kids coming back for more and more.
Great tasting drink adults and kids will enjoy. Fresh Raspberry tasting flavour.
Strawberry Mango

Loaded full of real strawberries to enjoy.
Get summer drink that the kids will enjoy.
Lime cream soda
Just a great taste both adults and kids enjoy
Cream Soda
For that classic experience
Real peach flavour.

Other great products for childerns parties

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Kids Slushy


What makes our slush mixes different to what you buy at a convenience store.

Our quality wet mix products are made using only the finest ingredients, Our Slush product is a quality assured product manufactured to the highest standard. Every batch of our product that is manufactured is batch controlled for traceability of its ingredients. We use and source many local fruit producers in a lot of our different flavours we manufacture, using as much as possible local ingredients..

Convenience Stores Mixes

Most convenience stores that have a slushy machine or a fast food establishment with a carbonated frozen drink product use artificial flavours and colourings as this is a much cheaper way to manufacture with larger profits. In most cases the supplier of the product provides the machine or equipment to the outlets at no cost. Then by manufacturing the cheapest possible product they will recover the outlay for equipment in a very short period time making huge profits.

We don't provide machines to convenience stores as such don't have the huge outlay and overhead of providing free equipment.  

The end result is that we can use more of our revenue and profit to provide a better quality product that is the best slushy drink you will ever try.


Our Quality Fruit Mixes

We don't use cheap ingredients you will only find quality here, we ensure every batch is manufactured to a very high standard and the finished product is the best in the market place.

We are often told it's the best slush I have ever tasted. Unlike some so called "brands" of slush mixes our product retains its flavour and colour right to the final drop

We don't sell cheap slush mix rather we sell a quality product, our slush mix is made with real fruit to ensure that the natural flavour and taste come through to the finished product.

Children young and old cannot resist the full bold flavours and tatse along with the bright colours and refreshing look of our delicious refreshing product.

Quality Hire Equipment  

The machines we use  are tried and tested design, which are cleaned and sanitized after every hire to maintain performance in our hire equipment we use.

Plus, on those rare occasions that there is an issue, we are just a phone call away.grape

Buying our Quality Mixes

We do believe that everyone should have access to a quality product so we do sell our wet mix product without a machine hire for people who own a machine at home. Some business also provides a quality refreshing slush drink product to their staff for hydration purposes.

Buy a Quality Slush Machine.

We also sell brand new machines with a full manufactures warranty and carry spare parts for the brand of machine we sell. Click here for brand new equipment sales.

We offeden have second hand reconditioned machines available. 
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