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Slushie Machine Hire Perth - Award Winning Frozen Cocktails

Slsuhie Machine Hire Perth Slushie Machine Hire Perth Slushie Machine Hire Perth

Slushie Machine Hire, Frozen Cocktails, Daiquiri's

Having the right entertainment and drinks can make a huge difference in the success of a party. Party goers want to let go have fun. Passiontails Party Hire Perth hires out rentail equipment for a wide range of events and party.

For many party goers, drinks can make or break a party. Frozen Cocktails are a treat that never fails to please attendees. That being said, it's difficult to make every attendee a frozen drink without hiring a bartender. Instead of spending the money to hire a drink maker, you can hire a slushie machine. A Slushie Machine Hire Perth can be used to make a variety of frozen drinks for hundreds of patrons. After the initial setup, you don't have to worry about providing drinks for everyone. The handy dispenser allows attendees to get there Frozen Cocktails as they please.

  • #1 Slushie Machine Hire Perth
  • Perth Best Frozen Cocktails
  • Premium Real Fruit Frozen Cocktails
  • Fast Freezing Machines
  • Free Cups and Straws
  • Includes Delivery, Setup & Cleaning
  • Great Valve & Quality Service
  • Over 40 Great Real Fruit Slushy Flavours
We will beat any competitors price, service  and quality
Slushie Machine Hire Perth Hire Our Machines
From $139

Slushie Machine Hire

Slushie MAchine Hire

Jukebox Hire Perth with Karaoke

Why not hire a Jukebox with Karaoke?

"PartyTouch" Digital Video Jukebox Hire plus Karaoke, Never a quiet moment!

Introducing the latest digital touch screen jukeboxes, these units are hired with the latest video clips. All come with over 4000+ video tracks and 600+ karaoke songs for your entertainment pleasure.  

Music is one of the most important parts of a party. That being said, hiring a DJ can be incredibly costly. Instead of spending thousands on a DJ, you can allow attendees to control the music with a Jukebox Hire Perth. Jukeboxes give party goers the chance to control the play list. They can choose their favorite song out of a vast library of music that covers multiple decades. These machines are fun and practical, giving patrons constant music to dance to.

Slushie Machine Hire Perth
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Slushie Machine Hire Perth

Photo Booth Hire Perth

Slushie Machine Hire Perth

Hire this amazing new PartySnap Photo Booth Experience,for your next important occasion

To add a unique activity to the party, why not include a Photo Booth Hire. These booths add a lot of fun and excitement to any party while providing patrons with a memorable souvenir. We provide sophisticated equipment with advanced green screen technology. Party goers can use the simple booth to customize the picture to their liking. In the end, they'll have a tangible memory to bring home.

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Slushie Machine Hire Perth Jukebox Hire Perth Fozen Cocktails & Jukebox Hire Perth

Passiontails Perth is a one-stop provider offer a range of tables, chairs, bars, linens, chair covers, and furniture. You can order tables in a range of children's and adult sizes and shapes, with chairs to match. There are crisp, freshly ironed tablecloths designed to fit every table and you can have specially-designed socks fitted over tall bar tables, for a finished look.

We can take the stress out of planning by providing everything needed to create unique celebrations. Professionals then efficiently deliver and set up everything for customers. With the help of Passiontails Perth you can create a memorable event.

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