C-2 Underground Expedition Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (2024)

A walkthrough for C-2 Underground Expedition in Luigi's Mansion 2 HD (Dark Moon) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for a detailed guide for C-2 Underground Expedition, including how to get 3 stars, locations of gems, and location of boo.

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List of Contents

  • How to Get 3-Stars
  • Objectives
  • Walkthrough
  • Gem Locations
  • Boo Locations
  • Enemies
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C-2 Underground Expedition How to Get 3-Stars

Clear Time Ghosts Captured Health Lost Treasure
18:10 22 20 or Less 2400

These numbers are only suggested values based on our runs. If you got 3-Stars with better scores, take pride in it and share a picture in the comments below!

C-2 Underground Expedition Objectives

Goal Explore the underground section of the Old Clockworks, and retrieve the clock hands taken by the ghosts.
Description The special compass revealed another path to the underground! Let's hope those ghosts didn't hide the clock hands too well.

C-2 Underground Expedition Walkthrough

  1. Find Your Way Underground.
  2. Look for the Missing Clock Hands.

Find Your Way Underground

C-2 Underground Expedition Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (1)
From Clockworks Court, head east towards the X on the map. A door will open on the floor, which lets you into the Storm Cellar. When you get to the Storm Cellar, you will be met by two Greenies, which you will have to defeat, including one more hiding under the bed. Drop the rock that one of the Greenies used onto the lever to open a path to the door leading to Canyon Hall.

When you enter Canyon Hall, walk east and remove a sheet off the wall on the right to reveal a hole which leads to Canyon Narrows. Grab ahold of the lift and go to the other side of the canyon where you will find a hidden bonus area. Return to Canyon Hall the same way and defeat the Sneaker that appears.

Enter the door to the north to get to Roundhouse Pit and tug the rope three times to tear it down. Enter the door to Pit Slide where Luigi will slip and fall down the sand slide. Collect the gold bars and coins as you fall. At the bottom of the slide, enter the door that leads to the Quarry. Once inside, walk down the steps to the lower level and walk towards the mine cart towards the right. Tug on the rope until it lands in the hole. As sand fills up the room, defeat the five Greenies and three Sneakers before exiting through the door on the right.

Look for the Missing Clock Hands

C-2 Underground Expedition Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (2)
In the dark Antechamber, you'll find a ball of spider web which you will light with one of the torches at the entrance. Use the flaming web ball to get through the giant webs that block the path. When you get to the end, you will arrive at the Tomb. Open the coffin in the center to find one of the clock hands, which an Ancient Poltergeist will steal.

Defeat the mummies that appear by flashing a light at them to cause them to run forward. Get them to run into a wall, which will cause them to fall and allow you to suck off the mummies' bandages and reveal a Greenie. Once all three are defeated, E. Gadd will bring you back to the bunker.

C-2 Underground Expedition Gem Locations

Football Ruby

C-2 Underground Expedition Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (3)

Gem Football Ruby
Where to Find Storm Cellar

Head down to the Storm Cellar, defeat all the enemies, suck the sheet that is covering the painting on the southwest corner, use the Dark-Light Device on the painting above the bed, and a Football Ruby will drop.

Drop Ruby

C-2 Underground Expedition Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (4)

Gem Drop Ruby
Where to Find Canyon Stairs

Head to the Canyon Stairs, go up the platform on the east, and use the Poltergust to suck the Drop Ruby that is stuck up on the east wall.

Stone Ruby

C-2 Underground Expedition Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (5)

Gem Stone Ruby
Where to Find Quarry

Head down to the lower floor of the Quarry, pull the cart to reveal a hidden cave behind, and use the Poltergust to suck the Stone Ruby that is stuck on the ceiling.

Gem Locations: How to Find All Gems

C-2 Underground Expedition Boo Location

Bootine Location

C-2 Underground Expedition Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (6)

Boo Where to Find
Bootine Quarry

Enter the quarry, and after filling the room with sand, use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a wooden bridge on the path that leads to the door on the upper side. Suk up all the spirit balls to reveal the Boo.

All Boo Locations: Where to Find All Boos

C-2 Underground Expedition Enemies

Enemies Encountered in C-2 Underground Expedition

Coming Soon!

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C-2 Underground Expedition Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (2024)
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