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Contact and Help | CenterPoint Energy (3)


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Common questions

We want to work with you to avoid shutting off your energy service. If you are behind on your bill payments and have received a disconnect notice, please contact us immediately at 800-227-1376 to set up apayment arrangement.

How can I manage my account online?

Managing your CenterPoint Energy service online is easy with a free profile. You can pay and view bills, manage account subscriptions and options, modify account settings and more.

Create a new profile: To create your free profile, all you need is a valid email address and the CenterPoint Energy account number, which can be found on your most recent CenterPoint Energy statement. Get Started.

Add to your existing profile: If you would like to add a new location to your existing profile, follow these steps:

Login to your account using your email address and password.

Once you are logged in, navigate to the Login & Accounts page in the left-navigation or from the My Account menu. This page shows each of the CenterPoint Energy accounts associated with your login.

On the Login & Accounts page, select the "Add another account" link.

Provide the information requested and proceed through the Add Account process. If there is already a user associated with your new account, you will need his or her permission before you can manage the account online.

Where can I find assistance information?

Visit the Assistance section of our site for information regarding temporary payment/billing assistance. If you are logged in to your account, visit the page to request to enroll in eligible programs.

What should I do if I detect a natural gas leak or other emergency?

To report a downed power line, potential gas leak or other emergency, leave the area immediately and call us from a safe location at 800-227-1376. Do NOT contact us by email.

Find information about detecting a natural gas leak

How can I avoid disconnection of my service?

We want to work with you to avoid shutting off your energy service. If you are behind on your bill payments and have received a disconnect notice, please contact us immediately at 800-227-1376 to set up a payment arrangement.

If you received a "disconnect notice"
If you miss a monthly payment for your energy service, CenterPoint Energy will send you a "disconnect notice" in the mail. To avoid being disconnected, make the necessary payment within 14 days. If you know you cannot make your payment before disconnection is scheduled to occur, contact us immediately at 800-227-1376 to learn if you qualify for assistance or payment arrangement options.

If you are disconnected
If your service has been disconnected for non-payment, you must pay the full amount of all past due charges, a reconnection fee and security deposit before your service can be restored: Contact us at 800-227-1376 Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Eastern.

How can I start or stop service online?

Visit the Start, Stop or Move Service section of our site for all service requests, including instructions on requesting new CenterPoint Energy service, stopping existing service, adding new meters or resizing/relocating CenterPoint Energy existing service. If you are a property manager/landlord, visit the Property Managers page.

If you are moving from a location with CenterPoint Energy service to another location with CenterPoint Energy service, visit the Moving page and select the option that best fits your situation.

How can I pay a bill online?

Paying your bill online may be done via a bank account (checking or savings) or a credit/debit card. See all payment options.

If you have a CenterPoint Energy profile:
Login to your account and visit the Pay My Bill page. By logging in first, you will be able to save your payment settings and bank account information (if paying with a checking or savings account) for future payments.

If you do not have CenterPoint Energy profile:
Register for one and follow the instructions above; or, visit the Make a Payment page to make a one-time payment via a bank account or credit/debit card.

Starting a digging project? Call 8-1-1

Before beginning any digging or earth moving, state law requires calling 8-1-1 at least 48 hours or two full business days prior to the scheduled excavation in order to have underground utilities located and marked free of charge.

Learn more

Transfer of responsibility

Contact and Help | CenterPoint Energy (4)

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Contact and Help | CenterPoint Energy (2024)


Contact and Help | CenterPoint Energy? ›

Have a question about your bill? Call us at 612-372-4727 or 800-245-2377 and we can help resolve the issue. CenterPoint Energy, Inc

CenterPoint Energy, Inc
About CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy's competitive energy businesses include natural gas marketing and energy-related services; energy efficiency, sustainability and infrastructure modernization solutions; and construction and repair services for pipeline systems, primarily natural gas. › en-us › about-us › news

What company owns CenterPoint Energy? ›

How do I call CenterPoint Energy in Mississippi? ›

Contact Us
  1. Customer Service. 800-371-5417.
  2. Report a Gas Leak. 888-876-5786.
  3. Payment Address.

What's the phone number for Vectren? ›

Is CenterPoint Energy gas or electric in Indiana? ›

CenterPoint Energy's primary services include electric and natural gas.

Who is buying out CenterPoint Energy? ›

Bernhard Capital acquiring CenterPoint's natural gas assets in La., Miss. Baton Rouge-based Bernhard Capital Partners' portfolio company Delta Utilities is taking over natural gas distribution in Louisiana and Mississippi from CenterPoint Energy Inc.

Who did CenterPoint merge with? ›

HOUSTON and EVANSVILLE, Ind. , Feb. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CenterPoint Energy, Inc. (NYSE: CNP) and Vectren Corporation (NYSE: VVC) today announced the successful completion of their merger.

Where is CenterPoint Energy's main office? ›

How do I view my CenterPoint Energy bill? ›

Sign in to My Account to make a payment, schedule a future payment, or view your bill.

Does CenterPoint Energy have a mobile app? ›

Vectren Mobile Application

Report your electric outage via the mobile app and be notified of causes and restoration information by following @VectrenStorm on Twitter. Click to download the Vectren mobile app on an Apple device. Click to download the Vectren mobile app on an Android device.

Are CenterPoint and Vectren the same? ›

- Combined company to be named CenterPoint Energy with corporate headquarters in Houston; Vectren will become a CenterPoint Energy company with the combined company's natural gas utilities operations and the Indiana electric operation to be headquartered in Evansville, Ind.

Is Vectren now CenterPoint? ›

"With the retirement of the Vectren name, we are proud to move forward with the CenterPoint Energy name and logo throughout our Indiana and Ohio service territory," said Richard Leger, Vice President of Natural Gas Distribution.

Can I use a credit card to pay a CenterPoint Energy bill? ›

​​​​​Pay online with your checking/savings account, or credit/debit* card. You can also schedule future payments, and save your payment information.

Why is CenterPoint Energy so expensive? ›

CenterPoint's profit margin is included in your rates, so the higher the profit margin for its shareholders, the higher your monthly bills. In this case, CenterPoint Electric is proposing to keep its 10.40% return on equity.

What is another name for CenterPoint Energy? ›

Part of the Fortune 500, the company was formerly known as Reliant Energy (from which it is now separated), NorAm Energy, Houston Industries, and HL&P.

What states use CenterPoint Energy? ›

(NYSE: CNP) is an energy delivery company with electric transmission and distribution, power generation and natural gas distribution operations that serve more than 7 million metered customers in Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio and Texas.

Who is the owner of CenterPoint Properties? ›

CenterPoint is acquired for $3.6 billion by current owner, the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).

Is Reliant and CenterPoint the same company? ›

CenterPoint distributes and transmits power, which means you can't purchase electricity directly from them. But you can get your electricity from Reliant. As a leading Texas-based retail electricity provider, we offer a variety of affordable, flexible electricity plans.

Does CenterPoint own txu? ›

Are TXU Energy and CenterPoint Energy the Same? No, TXU Energy and CenterPoint Energy are not the same. TXU Energy is a retail electricity provider (REP) operating in Texas, while CenterPoint Energy is responsible for the transmission and distribution of electricity in Texas.

What did CenterPoint Energy used to be called? ›

"With the retirement of the Vectren name, we are proud to move forward with the CenterPoint Energy name and logo throughout our Indiana and Ohio service territory," said Richard Leger, Vice President of Natural Gas Distribution.

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