Iupui Registrar (2024)

1. Contact - Student Central: IUPUI

  • Office of the Registrar · Email: indyregr@iu.edu · General registration questions: 317-274-1519 · Transcripts and enrollment verifications: 812-855-4500 · Fax: 317- ...

  • Need to ask a question or talk to someone? We’re here to help. Email us, call us, or stop by.

2. Register - Student Central: IUPUI

  • Schedule of Classes · Drop & Add Classes · Steps to Register · Withdraw from IUPUI

  • Need to register for classes or cancel your registration? Here’s everything you need to know.

Register - Student Central: IUPUI

3. Transcripts: Grades & Records - Student Central: IUPUI

  • IUPUI Registrar Electronic Documents Portal · Student Central · Home · Cost of IUPUI · Fund Your Education · Register · Pay Your Bill · Grades & Records ...

  • Need a copy of your transcript? Here’s how to get it.

4. Official Calendar - Student Central: IUPUI

5. Contact - IUPUI Faculty and Staff Central

  • Office of the Registrar. Email: indyregr@iu.edu; General information: 317-274-1519; Fax: 317-278-2240. To securely submit electronic documents for the ...

  • Need to ask a question or talk to someone? We’re here to help. Email us, call us, or stop by.

6. Contact your campus Office of the Registrar

  • Apr 18, 2024 · Office of the Registrar Student Central Students: 812-855-6500 or scu@indiana.edu. Faculty and staff: Contact Information ; IU Indianapolis ...

  • On this page:

7. Student Central: IUPUI

Student Central: IUPUI

8. Transcript Explanation - Office of the Registrar

  • IUPUI Indianapolis Office of the Registrar Campus Center 250 420 University Boulevard Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-5144 (317) 274-1519 http://registrar.iupui.edu

  • The following grades are considered in computing semester or cumulative grade averages. Plus and minus grades are computed in cumulative averages effective First Semester 1977-78. Repeated courses or hours with a grade of "F" are counted when computing grade averages but do not count toward the earned hours required for degrees.

9. IUPUI Registrar Electronic Documents Portal: Contact: Student Central

  • Securely submit electronic documents. Do you need to submit a form or request to the Office of the Registrar? We have several electronic forms for your use!

  • Do you need to submit a form or request to the Office of the Registrar? We have several electronic forms for your use!

10. Transcripts: Information - Office of the Registrar

  • PDF transcripts are issued by Indiana University and are considered official, certified documents just like traditional paper transcripts. Learn more about PDF ...

  • Transcripts

11. IUPUI-SL070 Exam Registration - RegisterBlast

  • Exam Registration · 1. Semester (required) · 2. Choose an exam (required) · 3. Choose a Date (required) · 4. Choose a Time (required) · 5. Who is taking this exam?

12. Legacy Course Catalog - Office of the Registrar - Purdue University

  • If you have questions regarding this website, please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@purdue.edu or (765) 494-6165. ... IU IUPUI Traditional, 01/ ...

  • This site provides historical information for Purdue University Courses taken between 1970-2008. Complete course descriptions are available for most courses taken from 2001 to Spring of 2008. If the course you need complete description information for is prior to 2001, please email certifications@purdue.edu with the course title, course number if available, and date taken. For the current, authoritative source of Purdue West Lafayette Catalog information from Spring 2008 to the current term, please use the Course Catalog.

13. Submit Final Grades - IUPUI Faculty and Staff Central

  • Grades are due to the Office of the Registrar four days after your class has taken its final exam. Final grades submitted by 8 p.m. will be available to ...

  • Learn how to submit grades for your classes at the end of the semester.

Iupui Registrar (2024)


What time does the registrar open at IUPUI? ›

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.– 4 p.m. To securely submit electronic documents for the Office of the Registrar, please visit the IUPUI Registrar Electronic Documents Portal.

How do I contact IUPUI? ›

Front Desk Hours and Services

We encourage clients to reach out by phone at 317-274-7000 or via email at oia@iupui.edu. A secure drop box is also available at ES 2126 during all hours that the ES building is open, for persons preferring contactless document drop off.

Where is the financial aid office at IUPUI? ›

Our offices are located on the second floor of IUPUI's Campus Center at 420 University Boulevard. The Office of the Registrar, the Office of the Bursar, and the Office of Student Financial Services are located in Campus Center 250. The Office of Student Scholarships is located on the second floor of Taylor Hall.

When to register for classes in IUPUI? ›

When to register. You may register at any time after your scheduled enrollment date and time through the first week of classes. Keep in mind that the earlier you register, the more likely you are to get into the classes you want. You are not allowed to have someone else register you for your classes.

What is the phone number for IU East Registrar? ›

Office of the Registrar

For help with registration, grade changes, transcripts, intercampus transfers, and more, get in touch: Phone: 765-973-8270.

Will IUPUI change its name? ›

Will IUPUI keep its existing name? Purdue and IU will operate under their respective identities in Indianapolis after the realignment, at which time the campus will be called Indiana University Indianapolis. Purdue will offer its programs under the name of Purdue in Indianapolis.

How much is IUPUI tuition a year? ›

Is IUPUI and IU the same? ›

IUPUI is one of nine campuses of Indiana University and one of five campuses of the Purdue University system. The campus offers more than 550 degree programs provided by 17 different schools, two of which are Purdue University schools.

What GPA is required for IUPUI? ›

The GPA requirements for getting into IUPUI are to have around a 3.52 high school GPA. You are required to have very good grades in high school. If your high school grades are above the average 3.52 GPA, you have a very good chance of being admitted as IUPUI accepts 83% of applicants.

Does IUPUI require FAFSA? ›

Be sure to submit a FAFSA each year to be considered for federal and state aid. We use your FAFSA to determine your eligibility, calculate your need, award your financial aid, and prepare your financial aid notification (FAN).

What percentage of students receive financial aid at IUPUI? ›

With more than 80% of our degree-seeking undergraduates receiving financial aid, our commitment is clear: we provide you with an affordable college experience. We strive to keep tuition low, offer substantial aid, and provide programs that minimize your debt.

Where is my FAFSA disbursem*nt? ›

You can also check the status of your FAFSA form by contacting the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243. To check on the status of financial aid being disbursed (paid out) to you or your account, check with your school's financial aid office.

How many classes can you miss at IUPUI? ›

You're expected to attend all of your classes and complete all required course activities and assignments. If you miss more than half of required activities during the first 25 percent of the course without making prior arrangements with your instructor, you may be administratively withdrawn from the course.

What grade do you need to pass a class at IUPUI? ›

A+ Through F
D-=0.7 (Lowest passing grade)
F=0.0 (Failing grade)
17 more rows

Do you have to stay on campus freshman year at IUPUI? ›

You are not required to live on campus unless you are receiving a scholarship that specifies that you live in a residence hall.

What time does the KU Registrar's office open? ›

The Registrar's Office is available in person and by phone Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and by appointment only on Friday.

What time does LSSU Registrar open? ›

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

What time does the UMSL Registrar open? ›

The Registrar's Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm. For a Zoom appointment, please submit your request below and indicate the nature of your appointment.

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