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While a Sedona adventure often includes a tour of the wineries, a trip down the Red Rock Scenic Byway or the Verde Canyon Railroad, an off-road tour, and a spin through Bearizona, there are some “everyday” activities you may want to take part in as well. If you’ve been anticipating the theatrical release of the next installment of your favorite movie franchise, or just want to take a break in the air conditioning for a good show, you won’t have to travel far for the entertainment during a Sedona vacation. Check out our list of the top places for movies in Sedona!

Harkins Theatres Sedona 6

Part of the Harkins Theatres chain that reaches from Arizona to California, Colorado, and Oklahoma, the six-screen theater has an “old school” theater vibe. The theater hosts first-run films and hosts special events and series too. “Tuesday Night Classics” offers presentations of classic films every Tuesday at 7 p.m. for $5. Summer Movie Fun is an annual event where kids pay just $1/film or $2 for the eight-week “season pass.” Harkins Sedona 6 includes patrons with special needs, with on-screen captioned films of new releases every Wednesday and Saturday at 4 p.m., and sensory-friendly screenings with brightened light levels, reduced sound volume, and plenty of room for guest interaction. Check out what’s playing and details on any of these or other special events on their website.

Mary D. Fisher Theatre

The theater is one of the homes of movies presented during the Sedona International Film Festival. Feature films, short films, animation, student films, documentaries, and more can be seen at the theater throughout the year. Non-film presentations and live shows like Swan Lake: Royal Ballet can also be seen on a limited basis. The festival takes place in mid-February for nine days and features over 140 films! Visit for more information and to see what’s playing.

Alice Gill-Sheldon Theatre

Opened as a second screen for the Sedona International Film Festival, the theater is a venue for many of the films screened during the festival. The 43-seat, state-of-the-art cinema has made it possible for the festival to double the number of films shown, holds its own screenings outside of the festival, and also hosts additional live shows, ballets, operas, and much more.

Harkins Theatres Flagstaff 16

The small town of Sedona is a tourist paradise, but the size of the town brings limitations. If you’re looking for a theater with more screens – meaning more movie choices – pile into the rental car and head to Flagstaff. The Harkins Theatres Flagstaff 16 has 16 screens, stadium-style seating, and more for first-run films. As a Harkins theater, it offers the many special events and series the Sedona 6 offers, including Tuesday Night Classics, Summer Movie Fun, on-screen closed caption films, and sensory-friendly screenings.

Picture Show – Frontier Village

Take another short trip to Prescott. Picture Show is a unique place to see first-run films. Sit back in electric reclining seating as you watch the next installment of your favorite movie franchise or get hooked on something new. They also host special events, including birthday parties and other private screenings. Contact the theater directly for information about the latest releases, as well as special events.

Verde Drive-In

Experience movies outside the four walls of a movie theater. A tradition dating back as far as the 1930s, these outdoor theaters have been showing first-run and classic movies for decades. Pull into your space and open the tailgate of your pickup or SUV or watch movies in Sedona from the comfort of your vehicle. The Verde Drive-In of Cottonwood shows classics on its theater-size inflatable movie screen. Enjoy popcorn, drinks, and snacks while you watch your favorites or introduce them to the younger generation. Titles like the Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, and more join more recent hits like Trolls, How to Train Your Dragon, and The Croods: A New Age for a different kind of movie night that’s fun for the whole family.

Go to the Movies in Sedona

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Places For Movies in Sedona | Sedona.Org (2024)
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