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  • Indiana
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  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Other


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Residential | Home Page | CenterPoint Energy (2024)


Is CenterPoint Energy the same as Vectren? ›

- Combined company to be named CenterPoint Energy with corporate headquarters in Houston; Vectren will become a CenterPoint Energy company with the combined company's natural gas utilities operations and the Indiana electric operation to be headquartered in Evansville, Ind.

Who is buying CenterPoint Energy? ›

Bernhard Capital-Backed Delta Utilities to Acquire CenterPoint Energy's Louisiana and Mississippi Natural Gas Distribution Operations.

Can I choose my natural gas provider in Texas? ›

Will I Have Many Choices for Texas Gas Service? In most cases, you'll only have one choice for Texas gas service for your home or business. That's because in Texas, local markets tend to have one natural gas utility, and in some areas that natural gas utility is municipal, meaning it's a public utility.

How do I find out if I have natural gas in my area? ›

If you contact your local gas company they will often come out for free to do a underground service check. Tell them you are digging in the area. Call the local gas company customer service department and ask if they have service to your home address. If there is a meter at your home, they will know.

Why is CenterPoint Energy so expensive? ›

CenterPoint's profit margin is included in your rates, so the higher the profit margin for its shareholders, the higher your monthly bills. In this case, CenterPoint Electric is proposing to keep its 10.40% return on equity.

What did CenterPoint Energy used to be called? ›

"With the retirement of the Vectren name, we are proud to move forward with the CenterPoint Energy name and logo throughout our Indiana and Ohio service territory," said Richard Leger, Vice President of Natural Gas Distribution.

What is another name for CenterPoint Energy? ›

Part of the Fortune 500, the company was formerly known as Reliant Energy (from which it is now separated), NorAm Energy, Houston Industries, and HL&P.

Who is CenterPoint Energy competitor? ›

CenterPoint Energy competitors include DTE Energy, Entergy, Engie, Energy Future Holdings and Dynegy.

Is Reliant Energy and CenterPoint the same? ›

(CNP) CenterPoint Energy, Inc. is a public utility holding company, created on August 31, 2002 as part of a corporate restructuring of Reliant Energy, Incorporated (Reliant Energy) that implemented certain requirements of the Texas Electric Choice Plan (Texas electric restructuring law).

What is the best supplier for gas and electric? ›

Scores for October to December 2023
RankSupplierOverall rating
1Shell Energy3.8 out of 5 More details
2Outfox The Market3.3 out of 5 More details
3E.ON Next3.3 out of 5 More details
4Utility Warehouse3.1 out of 5 More details
12 more rows

Can I switch to natural gas? ›

Converting your heat source from electric heat to natural gas could save you money and energy. To upgrade your home to natural gas, you can either install a gas furnace, a gas boiler, or a hybrid system. When you install a gas furnace, you need to replace the heat pump, but you can keep the air ducts.

Why is my natural gas bill so high in Texas? ›

When there is a higher demand for natural gas, there is typically a higher cost. Demand can fluctuate because of factors, including weather, economic conditions, and petroleum prices.

How do I know if my house is natural gas? ›

Here's what to look for: Natural Gas Appliances: If you have gas appliances, you'll see a gas meter outside your home. Natural Gas appliances often have a gas valve or line connected to them, which is another clear indicator.

What is gas smell in a house? ›

The most common gas leak smell will be rotten eggs or cabbage. If you smell this odor in your home, and you're sure it isn't actual rotten food, you could have a natural gas leak.

How do I find my nearest natural gas line? ›

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) provides online maps to help you locate pipelines in or near your community through the National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS).

Is Vectren now CenterPoint? ›

CenterPoint Energy and Vectren complete merger.

Who owns Vectren now? ›

What did CenterPoint change to? ›

Throughout 2022, Summit and CenterPoint worked together to migrate all operations and services to Summit. During that transition period, CenterPoint continued to provide certain services to customers on behalf of Summit including aspects of billing, customer support and marketing. For more information click here.

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