Slayers - [NEW] Voidgloom Seraph V - Reimagined!!! (2024)

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Hello Hypixel Community!

Wynnic here with the second remaster of one of my older suggestions - an idea for a new Enderman Slayer boss that experienced warriors can fight! I recommend that you be prepared, as this boss is one of the hardest bosses Hypixel SkyBlock has seen.

The Transcended Seraph

The Voidgloom Seraph V a.k.a the Transcended Seraph is the fifth and (maybe) final boss of Enderman Slayer. While this boss is extremely hard, it yields great rewards for the ones who successfully defeat it.

To get a chance at fighting the Transcended Seraph, players have to first defeat Voidgloom Seraph IV and be at Enderman Slayer 7 or above. For each attempt, players have to pay Maddox 100,000 coins, and also kill 36,000 Combat XP worth of Endermen.

Name: Transcended Seraph
Level: 15,860
Health: 1B❤
Damage: 33,000/s

Combat XP: 1,500
Coins: 1
EXP Orbs: 1-6


  • Malevolent Hitshield appears upon spawning and reaching 667M❤ (2/3) and 333M❤ (1/3). It has 125 hits. The boss gains +3,000 DPS every 3s the shield is up; this bonus DPS is removed once the shield is destroyed.
  • Magical Mitigation persists throughout the entire fight and reduces Ability Damage dealt to the Seraph by 75%. This ability was made to prevent hype nons from easily beating the boss.
  • Dissonance begins when the boss is alive. The Seraph teleports behind or next to the player spawned it, which happens more often if the player doesn't move. It deals half of its DPS to all players fighting it in a 9 block radius.
  • Yang Glyphs begin at 667M❤ (2/3) and are thrown at the same rate as Tier IV.
  • Nukekubi Fixation heads spawn upon reaching 333M❤ (1/3). Each head deals base 3,000 DPS, which is doubled for each head alive. There can be a maximum of 7 heads.
  • Broken Heart Radiation occurs at 833M❤ (5/6), 500M❤ (1/2) and 167M❤ (1/6) (At 667M❤ (2/3) and 333M❤ (1/3), Malevolent Hitshield is active. So at both of the healths, Voidgloom Seraph wouldn't activate Broken Heart Radiation).
    • The Seraph becomes invulnerable and stops moving for 12 seconds, taking the appearance of being seated. Explosion particles appear centered on the Seraph when this starts.
    • During this time, it casts 12 Broken Heart Radiation beams: 4 groups of 3 30-block long beams, stacked 1 block on top of each other, each group at 90° to each other. The beams pass through walls. The beams rotate clockwise for the duration, completing 2 full rotations in the 12 seconds. They begin blue and change to purple, then green over the duration.
    • Any player fighting the Seraph who comes into contact with a beam takes 45% of their health as ✷ True Damage and has -16% ♨ Vitality for 90s. The ♨ Vitality reduction stacks. In addition, any player fighting the Seraph who steps out of reach of the beams begins to take 30% of their max health as ✷ True Damage twice per second.
    • Yang Glyphs and Nukekubi Fixations can be thrown in this phase. However, Dissonance for the Voidgloom Seraph deals 0 damage during Broken Heart Radiation.
  • Transcended Constructs start to appear when reaching 444M❤ (4/9). This ability can't trigger if Malevolent Hitshield, Yang Glyph, or Broken Heart Radiation are active.
    • The Seraph itself stays unchanged, but the Seraph will spawn 3 Transcended Constructs, spread out over a 15 block radius. When the constructs are about to spawn, a certain sound plays.
    • The Transcended Constructs are 3 block tall, made out of stacked armor stands with custom player heads. Each active construct heals the boss for 2M❤, twice per second.
    • Each Transcended Construct has a 20 hit hitshield. The hitshield must be destroyed in order for the construct to disappear.
    • If all the Transcended Constructs aren't destroyed within 15 seconds, the boss instantly heals for 50M❤ and multiplies the player's combat stats by 0.7 for 7 seconds.

New ability coming tomorrow


The following Minibosses have a chance to spawn when killing an Enderman while a Voidgloom Seraph slayer quest of Tier V is ongoing. The minibosses provide more Combat XP, therefore speeding up the process to spawning a Voidgloom Seraph.

Name: Voidcrazed Insaniac
Health: 105M❤
Damage: 7,400

Combat XP: 6,500
Drops: 7x Null Sphere (100%)

Name: Nearly-Transcended Voidling
Health: 250M❤
Damage: 25,000

Combat XP: 14,500
Drops: 10x Null Sphere (100%)


The Voidgloom Seraph V's drops are the same as the Tier IV, with some new items added and some drop chances changed.

More common drops should have their drop rates slightly reduced, while rarer and more valuable drops (Judgement Core, etc) should have their drop rates increased, while making room for the new drops mentioned in the next section.

New Items

Most of these items will be revamps from the first remaster [V2].

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Obtained: 0.5% chance to drop between 1 and 3 ingots from either a Tier IV or V Enderman Slayer boss, once you are Enderman Slayer 7
Item Sprite:

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Obtained: 0.3% chance to drop from the Transcended Seraph, once you are Enderman Slayer 7
Item Sprite:

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Obtained: Crafting Recipe below unlocked at Enderman Slayer 7

1x Null Blade
2x Voidsteel Ingot
1x Atomsplit Katana

Item Sprite: Netherite Sword

More items coming soon

Custom Music

Now, every Tier 5 Slayer boss will have it's own music. Credit to @YaBoiiii_XD for this track!

Slayers - [NEW] Voidgloom Seraph V - Reimagined!!! (2024)
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