The End of An Era: Discontinuation of the Jeep Cherokee (2024)

The End of An Era: Discontinuation of the Jeep Cherokee (1)

  • Jeep announces the discontinuation of the Jeep Cherokee due to numerous factors like evolving market demands and ability to offer newer models.
  • The Jeep Grand Cherokee will continue production–the main differences between the two being spaciousness and performance.
  • Jeep’s current lineup includes the Wrangler, Renegade, Compass, and the Grand Cherokee, as well as promises of Jeep EV models in the near future.

The automotive industry has recently been hit with a wave of news that has left Jeep enthusiasts and car enthusiasts in general with mixed emotions. After a long and storied history, it has been announced that the iconic Jeep Cherokee model is being discontinued. This decision marks the end of an era for a vehicle that has been synonymous with adventure, ruggedness, and off-road capability. As one of the most recognizable and beloved SUVs on the market, the discontinuation of the Jeep Cherokee leaves a void in the automotive landscape and raises questions about the future of the Jeep brand.

Reasons behind the Jeep Cherokee’s Discontinuation

Not to be confused with the beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Jeep Cherokee is being discontinued. Automakers make such decisions based on various factors, including evolving market demands and strategic realignment of their product offerings. The decision to discontinue the Cherokee reflects Jeep’s commitment to refining its lineup and focusing on models with the highest demand and potential for growth.

What’s the Difference Between the Jeep Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee?

To clarify any confusion, it’s important to distinguish between the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Cherokee. The Grand Cherokee is a larger, more premium SUV, renowned for its exceptional performance and luxurious features. It offers a blend of off-road capability, spaciousness, and a refined driving experience, making it a favorite among SUV enthusiasts. On the other hand, the Jeep Cherokee is a compact SUV, offering a versatile and agile driving experience, ideally suited for urban environments while still maintaining Jeep’s legendary off-road capabilities. The Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Cherokee are two distinct models within the Jeep lineup, differing in size, capabilities, and target markets.


The Grand Cherokee is classified as a midsize SUV, while the Cherokee falls into the compact SUV category. As a result, the Grand Cherokee is generally larger, offering more interior space and cargo capacity compared to the Cherokee.


Both models are designed with off-road capabilities, but the Grand Cherokee places a greater emphasis on performance and toughness. It offers various 4×4 systems, advanced suspension options, and robust towing capacity, making it suitable for more demanding off-road adventures and towing needs. The Cherokee, while still capable off-road, is more focused on urban and everyday driving with a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency.


The Grand Cherokee has a more muscular and substantial appearance, emphasizing its larger size and assertive presence. The Cherokee, on the other hand, has a sleeker and more streamlined design, maintaining a balance between ruggedness and urban sophistication.

Model Range

The Grand Cherokee offers a wider range of trims and options, including high-performance versions like the SRT and Trackhawk, which feature powerful engines and sport-tuned components. The Cherokee, while offering multiple trims, is geared more towards practicality and versatility, catering to a broader market.

The Future of Jeep

Despite the discontinuation of the Cherokee, Jeep’s future looks promising. The brand continues to invest in research and development, aiming to introduce innovative vehicles that cater to evolving consumer preferences. Jeep has a history of delivering legendary off-road capability, and they plan to maintain their reputation while also embracing electrification and advanced technologies.

Jeep’s current lineup includes other iconic models such as the Wrangler, Renegade, Compass, and, of course, the Grand Cherokee. These models offer a diverse range of options. This is to ensure that customers can find the perfect vehicle to suit their lifestyle and preferences. Jeep is also actively working on expanding its electric and hybrid offering. They plan on keeping up with the industry’s shift towards sustainable mobility. Rest assured, the Jeep Grand Cherokee production will not stop. While the Cherokee is bidding farewell, Jeep remains steadfast in its commitment to providing thrilling off-road experiences. It’s no surprise that they’re pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation. With an array of impressive models already on the market and exciting developments in the pipeline, Jeep enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to.

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The End of An Era: Discontinuation of the Jeep Cherokee (2024)


Is the Jeep Cherokee going to be discontinued? ›

People have loved the Cherokee because it's both tough and comfy, making it perfect for all kinds of adventures. However, Jeep decided to stop making the Cherokee. The reason? They want to focus on making even better and newer kinds of SUVs.

Is there going to be a 2024 Jeep Cherokee? ›

The 2024 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Family is here with cutting-edge technology, powerful capability and the pioneering soul of adventure at its core. Enjoy your next journey in the most awarded SUV ever built 1.

Will there be a Jeep Cherokee in 2025? ›

With the 2025 model, the Jeep Cherokee will enter its sixth generation. In 2022, the automaker, which has gone by the name of Stellantis since the merger of Fiat-Chrysler and PSA in 2021, decided to electrify several of its most iconic vehicles.

Why is Jeep dropping the Cherokee name? ›

The principal chief of the Native American tribe said it's about time for Jeep to drop the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee names. The name is based on the Cherokee people, native North Americans whose name is derived from a Creek word meaning “people of different speech.”

Which Jeep was discontinued? ›

The Jeep® Patriot was discontinued in 2017. WHAT JEEP® BRAND SUV IS THE MOST SIMILAR TO THE PATRIOT? The Jeep® Patriot and Jeep Compass were introduced at the same time, and Compass carries the torch for the both of them as a compact Jeep Brand SUV.

Is a Jeep Cherokee a good vehicle? ›

The Cherokee's smooth ride and plentiful driver assists aren't enough to make it very competitive against its newer and more affordable competition, but it does offer credible off-road capability that the others don't—along with one of the strongest brand names in the SUV market.

Where will the Jeep Cherokee be built? ›

Jeep Cherokee (KL)
AssemblyUnited States: Toledo, Ohio (Toledo Complex, 2013–2017); Belvidere, Illinois (Belvidere Assembly Plant, 2017–2023) China: Changsha, Hunan (GAC Fiat Chrysler, 2015–2022)
DesignerGreg Howell (2010)
Body and chassis
ClassCompact crossover SUV
20 more rows

What does Jeep stand for? ›

There are many theories about the origin of the name Jeep. The most recognized says the name comes from the letters "GP", the military abbreviation for "General Purpose". However, some claim that the vehicle was named after a popular character named "Eugene The Jeep" from the Popeye comics.

What Jeep to stay away from? ›

A: Potential buyers should be cautious with the 2012, 2007, and 2008 Jeep Wrangler models. The 2012 model is particularly notorious for its high number of recalls, while the 2007 and 2008 models also have a significant recall history, indicating potential reliability issues.

What vehicle replaced the Jeep? ›

In the United States military, the Jeep has been supplanted by a number of vehicles (e.g. Ford's M151) of which the latest is the Humvee.

Is Jeep leaving China? ›

Jeep is exiting as more established foreign auto brands have struggled to maintain their share of the market, raising questions about their long-term future in China.

Is Jeep phasing out the Cherokee? ›

After a long and storied history, it has been announced that the iconic Jeep Cherokee model is being discontinued. This decision marks the end of an era for a vehicle that has been synonymous with adventure, ruggedness, and off-road capability.

Is the Jeep Cherokee no longer in production? ›

A Jeep spokesperson confirms to Carscoops the Belvidere, Illinois, plant that built the Cherokee “was idled at the end of February, and production of the 2023 Cherokee ended when the plant was idled.”

Will the Jeep Cherokee return? ›

He also hinted that production will start sometime in the second half of 2025, likely meaning for the 2026 model year. One thing's for sure: for the next-gen Jeep Cherokee to succeed, it needs to deliver higher build quality and a more refined interior than its predecessor while being extremely careful about pricing.

What are years to stay away from for Jeep Cherokee? ›

Most Reliable Years: 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee are the most reliable models. Least Reliable Years: Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005, 2011, and 2012 are the least reliable years.

Is the Jeep Cherokee a good car? ›

Highs A small crossover with useful towing capacity, well-controlled ride, real off-road chops. Lows Poor fuel economy, far higher price than competitors', it's time for a new Cherokee.

Is Jeep keeping the Grand Cherokee? ›

Jeep last redesigned the Grand Cherokee for the 2022 model year, and there are no major changes in the lineup for 2024. That means it holds its position in the class against the likes of the Honda Passport and Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, which are more street-focused than off-road capable.

Why is there a Jeep shortage? ›

The ongoing microchip shortage has had an outsized impact on the car market in the United States, but our fortunes are improving. According to Automotive News/Auto Forecast Solutions, the number of vehicles that had to be delayed due to chips shortages in North America fell to only around 4,700 last week.

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