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歌谱 Grammar Instruction


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According to the grammar on the right, press the following keys on the keyboard in turn to play, pay attention to control the rhythm.


u u u u u u u u u [uf] [uf] [uf] [uf] [uf] [ufx] [0ufx] [0ufx] [30ufx] [30ufx] [30ufx] [30ufx] [30ufx] [30ufx] [30ufx] 6 [80] 3 [80] 3 $ % [6] [80] 3 [80] [6u] u [80u] u [3u] u [80u] u [6u] u [80u] u [3u] u [80u] u [6u] u [80u] u [3u] i [80u] Y [6u] [80p] [3s] [80] [%d] d [90d] d [3d] s [90a] d [6s] s [80s] s [3s] a [80p] s [7a] a [(ea] a [$I] [(ea] [0WO] [3] $ % [6u] u [80u] u [3u] u [80u] u [6u] u [80u] u [3u] u [80u] u [6u] i [80u] Y [3u] [80p] s [6f] [80j] [3l] [80] [9z] l [qek] z [8l] k [0ej] l [7k] j [9qH] k [6j] f [80s] p [30g] f [$Qd] s [%Wa] p [30O] a [6ep] [3] $ % [6u] u [80u] u [3u] u [80u] u [6u] u [80u] u [3u] u [80u] u [6u] u [80u] u [3u] i [80u] Y [6u] [80p] [3s] [80] [7d] d [90d] d [3d] s [90a] d [6s] s [80s] s [3s] a [80p] s [7a] a [(Qa] a [$I] [(Qa] [0WO] [3] $ % [6u] u [80u] u [3u] u [80u] u [6u] u [80u] u [3u] u [80u] u [6u] i [80u] Y [3u] [80p] s [6f] [80j] [3l] [80] [9z] l [qek] z [8l] k [0ej] l [7k] j [9qH] k [6j] f [80s] p [30g] f [$Qd] s [%Wa] p [30O] a [6ep] [6] 7 * [29d] [qe] S [6d] [qef] [9g] [qef] [6d] [qeg] [8f] [0e] d [6s] [0ed] [8f] [0e] 6 [0es] [0a] [Wr] P [7a] [Wrs] [0d] [Wrs] [7a] [Wrd] [6s] [6p] [8s] [0f] [ej] [0f] [8s] [6p] [29d] [qe] S [6d] [qef] [9g] [qef] [6d] [qeg] [8f] [0e] d [6s] [0ed] [8f] [0e] [6j] [0e] 9 [qed] 7 [qeg] [30f] [18s] [29d] [7a] [6p] [O3uf] [6psj] [3] $ % [6u] u [80u] u [3uf] [ufx] [80ufx] [ufx] [6ufx] [ufx] [80ufx] [ufx[ [3ufx] [ufx] [80ufx] [ufx] [6ufx] [ufx] [80ufx] [ufx] [3ufx] i [80u] Y [6u] [80p] [3s] [80] [7d] d [90d] d [3d] s [90a] d [6s] s [80s] s [3s] a [80p] s [7a] a [(Qa] a [$I] [(Qa] [0WO] [3] $ % [6u] u [80u] u [3uf] [uf] [80uf] [ufx] [6ufx] [ufx] [80ufx] [ufx] [3ufx] [ufx] [80ufx] [ufx] [6ufx] i [80u] Y [3u] [80p] s [6f] [80j] [3l] [80] [9z] l [qek] z [8l] k [0ej] l [7k] j [9WH] k [6j] f [8es] p [7g] f d s [30a] p O a [6ep] [6] [80] 3 [80] 3 $ % [6] [80] 3 [80] [6] [80e] 3 [80e] 3 $ % [6] [80e] 3 [80e] [6] [0et] 3 [0et] [6] [etu] 3 [etu] [6] [tup] 3 [ups] [6] [psf] 3 [sfj] [6f] [ps] [80f] [ps] [3fx] [fx] [80fx] [fx] [6fx] [fx] [80fx] [fx] [3fx] [fx] [80fx] [fx] [6fx] [fx] [80fx] [fx] [3fx] [gfx] [80fx] [Dfx] [6fx] [80j] [3l] [80] [7fH] z [90fH] z [3fH] z [90fH] z [6fj] l [80fj] l [3fj] l [80fj] l [7DG] k [(QDG] k [$G] [(Qk] [0fWH] [3] $ % [6f] [ps] [80f] [ps] [3fx] [fx] [80f] [fx] [6f] [fx] [80fx] [fx] [3fx] [pfx] [80f] [pfx] [6f] g [80f] D [3f] [80j] l [6x] [80b] [3m] [80] [9] m [qen] [8m] n [0eb] m [7n] b [9WV] n [6b] x [80l] j [7c] x z l [30k] j H k [6ej] 6 [yd] [ip] S d [ipf] g [ipf] [yd] [ipg] [tf] [up] d s [upd] f [up] t [ups] [ra] [ru] P a [rus] d [rus] [ra] [rud] [es] [ep] [ts] [uf] [epj] [0uf] [8ts] [6ep] [9d] [qe] S [6d] [qef] [9g] [qef] [6d] [qeg] [8f] [0e] d [6s] [0ed] [8f] [0e] [6j] [0e] 9 [qed] 7 [qeg] [30f] [18s] [29d] [7a] [6p] [O3uf] [6psj] [3] [6u] [et] [80u] [et] [3u] [et] [80u] [et] [6u] [et] [80u] [et] [3u] [et] [80u] [et] [6u] [et] [80u] [et] [3u] i [80u] Y [6u] [80p] [3s] [80] [7uO] d [90uO] d [3uO] d [90uO] d [6up] s [80up] s [3up] s [80up] s [7YI] a [(QYI] a [$I] [(Qa] [0uWO] [3] $ % [6u] [et] [80u] [et] [3u] [etfx] [80ufx] [etfx] [6ufx] [etfx] [80ufx] [etfx] [3ufx] [etfx] [80ufx] [etfx] [6ufx] i [80u] Y [3u] [80p] s [6f] [80j] [3l] [80] [9qz] l [ek] z [80l] k [ej] l [79k] j [0H] k [68j] f [0s] p [%0g] f d s [30a] p O a [6ep] [6] [^i] [ET] [*qi] [ET] [4i] [ET] [*qi] [ET] [^i] [ET] [*qi] [ET] [4i] [ETfx] [*qi] [ET] [^i] [ET] [*qi] [ET] [4i] I [*qi] u [^i] [q*P] [4S] [*q] [8ip] D [(qip] D [4ip] D [(qip] D [i^P] S [qi*P] S [4iP] S [qi*P] S [8uo] s [0wuo] s [5o] [0ws] [qeip] [4] 5 6 [^i] [ET] [*qi] [ET] [4i] [ETfx] [*qifx] [ET] [^if] [ET] [*qi] [ET] [4i] [ET] [*qi] [ET] [^i] [I] [*qi] [u] [4i] [q*P] S [^g] [q*J] [4L] [*q] [(Z] L [QEl] Z [*L] l [qEJ] L [8l] J [(ej] l [^J] g q P G g D S [4qs] P p s [^EP] [^] [(Q] m [q*] m B [(8m] B b m [^*B] c L J [68C] c Z L [4ql] J j l [^EJ] [1234567890qwertyuiop]




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Latest Music Sheet

Grammar Instruction

| Basic Usage |

Generate a simple keyboard sheet, roughly control the timing of notes, suitable for junior players.

White Key0-9 a-z
Black Key, should press SHIFT keyA-Z 和 ! @ $ % ^ * (
Press the a, b, c keys at regular intervalsa b c
Press the a, b, c keys continuously and quickly {abc}

| Extended Usage |

Control the timing of notes precisely, suitable for advanced players. Example: 吻别

Bar Line|
Quarter| s s h h g g h |
Eighth Noteg_ | h_ 3_
Sixteenth Notec__ | h__ 7__
Thirty-second NoteDisabled
Dota. | c.
Sustain Quarter Note
t - 或 y ~
Rest Note=

| Tips |

  1. Please use English characters in your music sheet.
  2. Characters: ! @ $ % ^ * ( are reserve keywords which stand for Black Key.
  3. Reading published post may helps you a lot.
  4. Enjoy creating your post.
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